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Cyber Resiliency: A Recipe for Digital Trust?

19 januar, 2019

Kom til Security Briefing 24. januar
– fokus på Cyber Resiliency og outsourcing af sikkerhed.

IT security has been an important IT priority for years in the Nordics. Because of the growing and ever-changing threat landscape, IT security and business continuity after an incident should be permanently on the agenda of boards and C-level management.

All organizations need to create digital trust to stay relevant. The cyber resiliency framework from IBM enables IT professionals to work with security in full, from risk management and prevention, to detection and responding to attacks, and to the recovery of operations.

It is a recipe for trust, but one that is only as good as the way it is executed. Although the framework is complex, seasoned leaders will have the business acumen to understand it. Trust and resiliency are still very much about people, even when a large part of the underlying processes are automated.