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Cornelis Networks

Cornelis Networks is a technology leader delivering purpose-built fabrics and interconnects for High Performance Compute (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) clusters accelerating workloads across Government Labs, Academia and all major vertical industries worldwide.

The Cornelis Omni-Path product line delivers exceptional performance for a wide array of applications, including computational fluid dynamics, computational chemistry, molecular dynamics, genomics, financial risk modeling, computer aided engineering, weather predictions, seismic imaging, machine learning and many others. High performance networks is in the DNA of the company with deep roots going back through SilverStorm, QLogic, Cray, and Intel. The company continues to innovate to satisfy the ever increasing requirements of HPC, data analytics and machine learning workflows. The Cornelis Omni-Path product line enables the efficient focusing of the computational power of many processing devices at scale on a single problem, simultaneously improving both result accuracy and time-to-solution for the most complex application workloads. Cornelis Omni-Path technology is used at over 500 installations allowing customers to solve the biggest and toughest scientific and technological challenges.


Tobias Gottschalk
+ 45 27 13 35 08

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