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Business Innovation Program

Business Innovation Program

Join our Business Innovation Program

Do you have an innovative project within new technologies, you want to accelerate and scale? Join Pedab and IBM in our Business Innovation Program!

True innovation starts with a great idea and ends with a product, a solution or a digital service, which can change the entire way we think of a field. Working with innovations is demanding in time and resources of all kinds.

At Pedab, we want to be part of your innovation journey – we invest technology, knowledge, and education to help you succeed with your business. You are the expert of your field, but you can’t be the expert of every field – that’s why you need to collaborate with an innovation HUB that supports you, guides you and keeps you focused, and you need investors to believe in your idea.


Pedab and IBM joins forces to accelerate innovation

This program is run by Pedab and IBM together, for the simple purpose of helping early-stage businesses to a scalable IT platform. We work closely with Business Innovation Hubs that are actively involved in their members, in areas like product development or marketing, to make sure there is an alignment between business and IT.



The Benefit Journey

Who can join?

Everyone who meets the following conditions can have access to the Business Innovation Program:

  • Your revenue in the last 12 months is less than USD 15 million
  • Your company is established, is privately held, and has been in business for less than 10 years
  • You have not been a paying customer of IBM Cloud
  • You are a verifiable entity with a website and a dedicated email server.