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Pedab Marketplace

Create new business opportunities – with Pedab Marketplace

Pedab Marketplace

Create new business opportunities – with Pedab Marketplace


Manage your entire sales cycle from a single point

In times of an accelerating trend towards B2B transactions being conducted on marketplaces, we've developed Pedab Marketplace. A unique platform – which you can customize as you want it – that allows you to manage your entire sales cycle. Building an offer, submitting it, view the order and the operational follow-up: everything is managed from a (one) centralized platform! The Pedab Marketplace offers all cloud services offered through the IBM Cloud Platform, as well as XaaS software services amongst the IBM software catalogue.

Benefits of Pedab Marketplace

Pedab Marketplace covers the entire cycle from the commercial proposal to the order registration and delivery mechanism to invoicing follow-up.

  • Manage the entire sales cycle from a single point 
  • Increased agility and flexibility 
  • Minimize time-consuming processes 
  • Optimize operational management 
  • Customize your own marketplace 
  • Integrate new software solutions
  • Save time and money
  • Spend 80% less time on subscription renewals with the platform automation

Customize your own marketplace

With Pedab Marketplace you can build and customize your own marketplace with your own logo and add the solutions and services you want to offer your customers. As the platform is scalable, you will be able to add additional offers and services as you customer’s needs are identified. 

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