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Pedab Finance

Pedab Finance

Flexible financing solutions for IT investments

Today, we see rising interest rates, high uncertainty and volatility in the markets, component shortages and an inflation that we have not seen since the beginning of the 2000s. That’s why cash flow and cash reserves are now more important than ever. This is to be able to make the necessary investments required to grow and take new market shares, despite the troubled times that prevail. We at Pedab Finance can help you and your business with this by offering flexible financing solutions.

We offer financing solutions for

All types of companies

Pedab Finance provides a financing solution for everyone – from startups to multinational companies. In addition, we help our customers manage credit risks and optimize their working capital.

If you and your company are considering investing in new IT and/or production equipment, you are warmly welcome to contact Pedab Finance. Together we can prepare the best possible financial arrangements. In this way, we can ensure that your investments are financed as efficiently as possible.


All types of IT equipment

Pedab Finance offers flexible payment options to help companies finance all types of IT and production equipment. In addition, we make sure to optimize your cash flow and accelerate the value of your technical investments by offering competitive prices and terms.

We have solid experience of delivering financing solutions to our customers. As a result, we have developed close and deep collaborations with some of the oldest and largest banks and insurance companies. In addition, we work closely with global suppliers of IT and technology equipment.

Our Financing Solutions

Rent – Easy for you 

We offer you the opportunity to do the right thing right away – with a rental agreement, you only need to choose the desired terms. What do you get out of it? The security you need to plan your business without large investments and pay off small amounts over time as well as the freedom to protect your capital. Leases are suitable for products with a relatively short financial lifetime, and when the financing period has come to an end, you return the products. 

Leasing – Strategic investments

Are you facing strategically important investments in your business? Then leasing is an excellent alternative if the equipment will have a financial value after the agreed financing period. Unlike renting, leasing means that you agree to buy the equipment after the end of the leasing period. It gives you a financial predictability over your investment. 

Framework agreement 

Whether you decide to rent or lease, Pedab Finance offers the opportunity to sign a framework agreement. Framework agreements suit customers with projects or ongoing investment needs for a longer period of time. The framework agreement is an efficient way of managing and controlling liquidity and cash flow. We have extensive experience of handling ongoing or simultaneous investments. 


Choose financing through Pedab Finance, and you will have access to insurance tailored to your needs. For IT equipment, we offer insurance without deductions and with compensation for corresponding models and performance. For production equipment, the deduction is SEK 3,000 and the compensation level is affected by the value of the equipment. 


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Jari Pohjonen
Jari Pohjonen

CEO / VD Pedab Finance